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Sunday 16 June 2024

AW: Standard


Exhibitions & Tradeshows

Race Day | Chelmsford City Racecourse

Maximum standing capacity of 2000 (in any single space)

Licensed for up to 30,000 guests on site at any one time

Free parking for 1000+ vehicles

Maximum stall capacity in one space is 120 6ft stalls

Race Day | Chelmsford City Racecourse

Frequently Asked Questions

Can exhibitors access the site/offload close to the venue?

Absolutely, we have asecondary entrance onto site known as Gate 11 that provides direct access to each venue, ideal for suppliers & set-up. Please speak with your Event Manager regarding directions and further details.

Is linen/tables included?

We offer hire of tables, chairs and linen in-house.

How many stands/people can you facilitate?

Please speak to your event manager for DWG and PDF venue plans. We have space for over 1000 stands across the site.

Is there any height restrictions for large vehicles?

Yes, if you are accessing the site via Gate 11, vehicles must not exceed 4 metres in height as site access is via a tunnel. For the main carpark, there is no height / weight restriction.

Do you offer any food and drink purchase options for guests?

Yes, we have the Grill Bar and Kitchen is available in our Sports Bar for guests to purchase soft drinks on the day. Bars can also be opened in your hired space for a variety of alcoholic and soft drinks.

Is electricity available/included?

Generally yes, but for very large or complex power requirements, clients will need to liaise with our electrician. There will be a cost for any distro requirements. We do have 32/64a feeds available in most venues.