Horse At The Course

Horse at the Course 2018


Day 1

HELP! Our Clerk of the Course Andy has been taken captive by a herd of wild horses. These horses have decided to take back Chelmsford City Racecourse.

Every day on the lead up to Christmas check back to see what these mischievous horses have been up to as they take over the racecourse.



Day 2

The horses have been busy helping reorganise the decorations on the Christmas trees around the racecourse. Lets hope they don't break any baubles!

There are 12 horses, see if you can spot them all.



Day 3

Having sorted the Christmas decorations, the horses have decided to take over reception. With Ladies Day on sale today I hope they know what they are doing!



Day 4

The horses have found their way into our Grandstand and decided they would enjoy a High Tea. I know horses enjoy sugar lumps but i think this is a little too far.



Day 5

Today the horses have hijacked the tractor and are doing their best preparing the track for tomorrows racing. I'm glad there are so many of them with all those buttons to press.



Day 6

After a cold day in the tractor yesterday, today the horses are warming themselves up with some hot drinks.



Day 7

Who let the horses into the kitchens?!? All they seem to have made is a mess!



Day 8

With another Christmas party this evening the horses thought they would set up the tables, lets hope they have more crackers.



Day 9

After a long week of trying different jobs around the racecourse, the horses have decided they earned a lazy day in the jockeys sauna.



Day 10

What's a better way to spend a Monday than racing the golf buggy around the racecourse. Well this is what these horses have been doing all morning.



Day 11

After using all the fuel in the golf buggy, the horses have decided to try their luck in the weighing room as clerk of the scales.



Day 12

With the sun out today, the horses said they would start preparing the track for racing on Thursday... I'm not sure this sandcastle really helps!?



Day 13

Today the horses have taken over the role of finish line photographer. I'm not sure they are going to win any photography awards any time soon.



Day 14

Today is National Christmas Jumper Day. Unfortunately we didn't have jumpers small enough for the horses but they were still invited to the office photo.



Day 15

The horses have taken over our Sports Bar for their very own Christmas Party.



Day 16

The horses have found their way into the Grill Bar. Lets hope they don't make as much mess as they did in the kitchens.



Day 17

The horses are beating the Monday blues with a drink at the bar.



Day 18

The horses are braving the cold weather today to enjoy an afternoon relaxing on our Owners & Trainers balcony. I don't think they have won anything as there is a lack of Champagne.



Day 19

The horses have found their way into the judges room at the top of the TV tower, I think they would enjoy the view if they were big enough to see out the window.



Day 20

The horses are celebrating another successful year of racing here at Chelmsford City Racecourse in our Winning Connections box.



Day 21

The horses are in the jockey changing room after our final race of the year last night.



Day 22

After trying all the different jobs around the racecourse, the horses have gone on strike as they have realised they don't really like working after all.



Day 23

This little horse has spent all afternoon writing his letter to Santa. Seems like he has a big ask but we all know Santa is capable of miracles...



Day 24

After sending his letter to Santa, this little horse is watching out on Christmas Eve hoping to see Santa.



Day 25

After a month of trying all the different jobs around the racecourse, this little horse decided what he really wanted was to become a real racehorse. After writing a letter to Santa, something magical happened this Christmas morning.

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