We're the last leg on the

European Road to the Kentucky Derby

The Cardinal Condition Stakes is held at Chelmsford City Racecourse on Saturday 1st of April and is the last leg of the European Road to The Kentucky Derby. The race is worth a staggering £100,000 with the winning horse receiving 30 points. Second through fifth place will receive 12, 9, 6 and 3 points respectively.

Chelmsford City Racecourse

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Chelmsford City Racecourse
Your Questions Answered

European Road to the Kentucky Derby

Is there a dress code?

Our general admission tickets in most cases provide you with access to the racecourse grounds including the Grandstand and Sports Bar. These areas allow for a casual dress code. However, the racecourse does request that standards are maintained.

We kindly request that you do not wear the following:
• Beach flip flops or backless sandals/shoes*
• Team shirts
• Vests and bare tops
• Swimwear

*Please note that these are not recommended due to the nature of our site and health and safety. If you do wear these it will be at your own risk.

When dining in the Fairwood Restaurant, all general admission standards apply with the addition that we ask that you do not wear any form of shorts or trainers.

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Are there additional security measures?

We conduct thorough and relevant risk assessments for each and every event held at Chelmsford City Racecourse and put robust safety measures in place in line with our security policies. We follow government guidance on the number of security staff required for events.

During horseracing events, we have stewards in line with BHA (British Horseracing Authority) requirements.

For large events such as Ladies Day, we monitor the perimeter of the racecourse with robust security. With so many safety measures in place including bag searches and ID scan systems, you can enjoy your day at the racecourse confidently.

Can I book a table in the restaurant?

Our restaurants are now fully booked, general admission tickets are available and give you access to the Sports Bar where you can purchase food from the Grill Kitchen.