Who are we?


Chelmsford City Racecourse is the newest racecourse in the UK and the only racecourse in Essex.

The venue offers thrilling all-weather racing under the mesmerizing light of its champagne fluted floodlights and also highlights its versatility with a huge range of non-raceday events. Now into the fourth year, the course continues to strive for excellence in all areas.

The course has already won multiple Racecourse Association Excellence Accolades, most recently for Staff Customer Service and Visitor Information, and has reached Finalist status in the RCA Showcase Awards for Best Event (Ladies Day 2017) and Digital & Social Media.

Chelmsford City Racecourse works proactively in the local area to support charities and local businesses wherever possible. The racecourse works hard to cut carbon emissions and is proud to be a plastic straw-free venue.


Our commitment to your privacy


We are committed to keeping the personal details of our members and supporters safe. This policy explains how and why we use your personal data, to ensure that you remain informed and in control of your information.

Any references to the Chelmsford City Racecourse, the Racecourse, or to ‘we’ or ‘us’ refer to:

Great Leighs Estates Ltd - a Company Registered no: 08614282.


We use three key definitions to describe people mentioned in this policy. These are definitions used by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK’s independent body set up to uphold information rights (

Data subject’: this is you, one of our loyal members and supporters. As the data subject, we respect your right to control your data.Data controller’: this is us, CCR. With your permission, we determine why and how your personal data is used (as outlined in this policy).‘Data processor’: this is a person, or organisation, who processes your data on our behalf, with your permission.


We will never sell your personal data.

Should you wish to find out more about the information we hold about you, or about our privacy policy, please contact us:

Commercial Manager

Telephone: 01245 360300


Chelmsford City Racecourse, Great Leighs, Chelmsford, Essex CM3 1QP

Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.


Why do we collect your personal data?


We use your personal data to keep in touch with you.

We will only ever collect, store and use your personal data when we have an identified purpose and reason to do so. The ICO refers to this as a ‘lawful basis’. Further information about why we collect your personal data is outlined below.

a) To administer your CCR membership

We collect your personal data to administer your membership, which may involve:

Sending you your membership Welcome Pack when you first join usSending you your membership renewal letter if applicableGetting in touch should there ever be any issues processing your subscription payment

The ICO defines the lawful basis for processing your data for these purposes as ‘contractual’.

b) To send you items purchased for event bookings

We collect your personal data to send you:

Tickets for events you have booked intoInformation about events you have booked into

The ICO defines the lawful basis for processing your data for these purposes as ‘contractual’.

c) To send you information about our work and ask for your opinion

We also collect your personal data so that we can send you information about our work that we feel will be of interest to you. This includes your newsletter, event information, sponsorship opportunities, membership information, feedback, competitions and other activities, as well as information about other carefully selected organisations that we work in partnership with. From time to time, we may also use your personal data to ask for your opinion about our work.

This information is in addition to that outlined in sections a) and b) and is defined as ‘direct marketing’ by the ICO.

i) Annual membership

If you are an annual, corporate or platinum member of our racecourse, we will address communications to the primary contact name listed on your membership. If you wish to update this at any point, please let us know.

ii) When your membership has ended or after you have purchased tickets for the final time

Unless we hear from you directly, we may continue to send you information about our work for up to seven years after your membership has ended or after the last date you have purchased a ticket. This is stipulated by the racecourse financial department for legal accounting purposes. Three years after your final transaction, you will be contacted to give you the option to opt out of marketing information.

iii) As a subscriber of our newsletter

The racecourse will continue to send the newsletter to you until such time as you “opt-out” or request to be removed from this mailing list. This unsubscribe option is provided in all direct marketing correspondence or can be requested at any time by emailing

Your personal data also helps us to get to know you better and to develop a ‘profile’ of you on our secure supporter database. This ‘profile’ enables us to send you the information listed above in a timely and relevant way, to suit you. For example, keeping track of the events you attend at the racecourse helps us to send you information about upcoming events that we feel you would like to hear about.

As defined by the ICO, we use two different lawful bases for processing your data for ‘direct marketing’ purposes:

i) Legitimate interest

This is where we have identified a genuine and legitimate reason for contacting you, which does not override your rights or interests

We use legitimate interest to send you the information listed above by post or telephone (if you are not registered with the Telephone Preference Service, and you have given us your telephone number).

ii) Opt-in consent

This is where you have given us express permission to contact you by particular communication channels.

We use opt-in consent to send you the information listed above by e mailtext message (SMS) or telephone (if you a reregistered with the Telephone Preference Service )

We respect your right to update the way we get in touch with you about our work at any time.


What kind of personal data do we collect? How do we collect it?


a) Basic information

We will usually collect basic information about you, including your name, postal address, telephone number, email address and your bank details for any transactions you wish to make. No bank details are stored by the racecourse at any time.

Most of the time, we collect this data from you directly. Sometimes this is in person; other times, it is over the telephone, in writing or through an email. Occasionally we obtain information, such as your telephone number or other contact details, from external sources (only where you have given permission for such information to be shared).

b) Getting to know you better

We also collect information about you that helps us to get to know you better. This may include:

information about your horse-racing and leisure interests, which you tell us through our Surveysrecords of transactions you have made at the racecourseyour preferences of how you would like us to contact yourecords of events you have attended, or campaigns or activities that you have been involved in

Sometimes we will collect other information about you such as your date of birth and gender. When we do so, we will be very clear as to why we are collecting such information, and we will only do so with your specific consent and permission.

Most of the time we collect this data from you directly. Occasionally we also obtain data from external sources. For example, we may check against Royal Mail’s National Change of Address database to ensure that the address we have listed for you is up to date. We know moving to a new house can be a busy time and appreciate that you don’t always have the chance to send us your new address. By undertaking this exercise, we may update your record without you needing to get in touch.

We may also collect demographic and consumption data generated through geodemographic tools. This may include information from public registers and other publicly available sources such as Companies House, newspapers and magazines. If you do not wish your data to be collected in any of these ways, or have questions about them, please contact us.

Commercial Manager: Telephone: 01245 360300


Chelmsford City Racecourse, Great Leighs, Chelmsford, Essex CM3 1QP

Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.

Other ways in which we collect personal data to get to know you better include:

i) Our website

Our website uses ‘cookies’ to help provide you with the best experience we can. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile phone when you browse websites.

Our cookies help us:

Make our website work as you would expectRemember your settings during and between visitsImprove the speed/security of the siteAllow you to share pages with social networks like FacebookContinuously improve our website for you

For more information on our Cookies Policy, see annex 1.

c) Sensitive personal data

We do not normally collect or store sensitive personal data (such as information relating to health, beliefs or political affiliation) about supporters and members.

We may collect sensitive personal data if you have an accident on one of our racedays. This information will be retained for legal reasons, for safeguarding purposes and to protect us (including in the event of an insurance or legal claim). If this does occur, we will take extra care to ensure your privacy rights are protected.

d) Children and young people

In line with the Data Protection Act, we will not collect, store or process your personal details if you are under 18 years of age; unless we have the express permission from your parent or guardian to do so.

For further information, please see our Child & Vulnerable Person Protection Policy.


How do we store your data?


a) Security

All of the personal data we process is processed by our staff in the UK. However, for the purposes of IT hosting and maintenance your information may be situated outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). This will be done in accordance with guidance issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Electronic data and databases are stored on secure computer systems and we control who has access to information (using both physical and electronic means). Physical data is always stored securely. Our staff receive data protection training and we have a set of detailed data protection procedures which personnel are required to follow when handling personal data.

b) Payment security

All electronic CCR forms that request financial data will use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to encrypt the data between your browser and our servers.

If you use a credit card to purchase a membership or purchase something online, we will pass your credit card details securely to our payment provider (SagePay).

CCR complies with the payment card industry data security standard (PCI-DSS) published by the PCI Security Standards Council, and will never store card details.

We cannot guarantee the security of your home computer or the internet, and any online communications (e.g. information provided by email or our website) are at the user’s own risk.


Our premises has CCTV and you will be recorded when you visit the course. CCTV is there to help provide security and to protect both you and CCR. CCTV will only be viewed when necessary (e.g. to detect or prevent crime) and footage is only stored temporarily. Unless it is flagged for review CCTV will be recorded over.

CCR complies with the Information Commissioner’s Office CCTV Code of Practice, and we put up notices, so you know when CCTV is in use.

d) Data retention policy

We will only use and store information for as long as it required for the purposes it was collected for. We continually review what information we hold, and delete what is no longer required.


Your rights


We respect your right to control your data. Your rights include:

a) The right to be informed

This privacy notice outlines how we capture, store and use your data. If you have any questions about any elements of this policy, please contact us.

b) The right of access

If you wish to obtain a record of the personal data we hold about you, through a Subject Access Request, we will respond within one month.

c) The right to rectification

If we have captured information about you that is inaccurate or incomplete, we will update it.

d) The right to erase

You can ask us to remove or randomise your personal details from our records.

e) The right to restrict processing

You can ask us to stop using your personal data.

f) The right to data portability

You can ask to obtain your personal data from us for your own purposes.

g) The right to object

You can ask to be excluded from marketing activity.

h) Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling

We respect your right not to be subject to a decision that is based on automated processing.

For more information on your individual rights, please see the Information Commissioner’s Office.


Making a complaint


CCR wants to exceed your expectations in everything we do. However, we know that there may be times when we do not meet our own high standards. When this happens, we want to hear about it, in order to deal with the situation as quickly as possible and put measures in place to stop it happening again.

We take complaints very seriously and we treat them as an opportunity to develop our approach. This is why we are always very grateful to hear from people who are willing to take the time to help us improve.

Our policy is:

To provide a fair complaints procedure that is clear and easy to use for anyone wishing to make a complaint.To publicise the existence of our complaints procedure so that people know how to contact us to make a complaint.To make sure everyone in our organisation knows what to do if a complaint is received.To make sure all complaints are investigated fairly and in a timely way.To make sure that complaints are, wherever possible, resolved and that relationships are repaired.To learn from complaints and feedback to help us to improve what we do.

All complaint information will be handled sensitively, in line with relevant data protection requirements.

Overall responsibility for this policy and its implementation lies with the Commercial Manager.

For further information on how to make a complaint, please contact

Information Commissioner’s Office

For further assistance with complaints regarding your data, please contact the Information Commissioner’s Office, whose remit covers the UK.

Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

Telephone: 0303 123 1113


Leaving our website

We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any other websites linked to our website. If you have followed a link from this website to another website you may be supplying information to a third party.


Get in touch


Should you wish to find out more about the information we hold about you, or about our privacy policy, please contact us:

Commercial Manager

Telephone: 01245 360300

E mail:

Chelmsford City Racecourse, Great Leighs, Chelmsford, Essex CM31QP

Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.

We review this policy on an annual or update it more frequently in line with changes to external regulations.

Last updated: March 2018



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