With pool betting you are not betting against a bookmaker. The total amount of all bets placed go into a “pool”, and how much you win depends on how many other winning tickets there are, just like the National Lottery.

Totepool also offers the widest choice of bets ranging from the simple ‘Win’ bet, where you just need to pick the winner of the race, to the big money ‘Jackpot’ bet where you can win life-changing amounts by picking the winner of the first six races at the selected daily meeting.

You can place your bet and collect your winnings at any Totepool position around the racecourse, and also look out for our roving courier staff that will be able to take your bet on the go. The minimum bet is £2.

All betting information is displayed on Totepool screens around the racecourse including the predicted odds for the next race and results from previous races. Betting guides are available at all Totepool positions to help explain the different types of bets.

To place a bet simply tell the friendly Totepool staff how much you would like to bet, the type of bet, the horse number(s), the race number and the racecourse you are betting at.

For example: “A £10 Totewin on horse number 9 in race 3 at Chelmsford please”


If you are playing one of our popular multi-race bets then pick up a play slip and a pen from any Totepool position and fill out before placing your bet. This includes the Toteplacepot, Totejackpot, Totequadpot and Totescoop6. Mark your unit stake and how much you would like to spend and the horses you have selected for each race and take it to any Totepool position.

Totepool also offers a Quickpick service on every bet. This is the quick and easy way to bet, simply choose your bet type and how much you want to spend and ask for a Quickpick. Our clever computer will randomly select the horses for you, similar to a lucky dip. For example: “A £2 Quickpick Placepot at Chelmsford please”

For more information on betting with Totepool please take a look
at our betting guide full of helpful information on how to add
to the enjoyment of your day and hopefully pick a few winners along the way!

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