Congratulations to all our

Year of the hero winners

January winner

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In July 2016 Tyler Hart was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin lymphoma stage 3B burkitts. He spent over 6 months in a London hospital having intense chemo and was severely ill. Fortunately, Tyler is in remission but does tire easily and for the past year he has been a young carer for his nan.

His nan is 77 years old and finds it hard to walk and has various illnesses which limits her with a lot of things. Tyler cycles to his nans every Monday to Friday to cook her dinner, change her bed sheets, hoover and assist with every day tasks but most importantly he keeps her company. Tyler deserves recognition for his kindness and efforts after all he has been through.

After his visit Tyler comented, "It was an honor to be awarded the January Hero Young Carer Award. Everybody I met was extremely kind and caring and I thoroughly enjoyed my evening at Chelmsford City Racecourse. I cannot thank everybody enough"

February winner

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Christine started volunteering with Wilderness Foundation in 2014, initially working just one day a week. This has gradually increased over the years to four days a week. Christine is always reliable, hardworking and never says no to any new tasks assigned to her.

Christine is a vital member to our team although she always humbly describes herself ‘only a volunteer’. To quote one of our staff members Christine provides “enormous admin support to the Foundation” and her “dedication as well as her experience has built a strong base for the charity”.

Not only is her work for the office a great help, Christine’s expertise also contributes a great amount to our youth services programmes. Christine is one of our judges on the panel for the Lady Diana Kemp Scholarship for our TurnAround Programme. She was also the representative of the Foundation to receive the High Sheriff Award last year. On top of all of this, Christine still finds time to always make sure that everyone in the office is taken care of by ensuring that we are all well fed on homemade cakes. (Not so good for our waistlines, but who can resist those amazing cakes?!)

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